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About Berceuse Parfum

Meet Will

Will Carius fell in love with perfume in grad school when a housemate invited him to come perfume shopping in San Francisco. This single visit quickly became a habit. After smelling lots of weird and beautiful stuff every weekend for more than 2 months, Will was well and truly hooked on scent and bitten with the urge to make his own fragrances. He gave himself a crash course in perfumery by reading every perfume book he could from the public library, where he discovered scent molecules, bottle design, perfume history, theories of olfaction, and aromachemicals, Berceuse is the result.

- Founder

Our Principles

We aim to create perfumes that move you, inspire you, and guide you to breathe in the world around you and appreciate its small beauties.


  1. The perfume must smell good. No exceptions. If it is not right, then start over.
  2. Originality is important. Do things differently. Pave your own way and welcome those who would trailblaze with you. The individuality of the shared experience between us and the perfumer is unique to Berceuse, and the purpose of our work is to invite others to share in it with us. We will never deliberately copy another fragrance.
  3. Stay humble. Some people don't know much about perfume. Reach out to those who are interested. Show off your passion, and welcome those who answer with open arms, a smile, and a sense of humor.
  4. Be honest with people. Tell them why we do what we do. Show them what makes it special. Let the vision resonate with them on its own, without touting where this ingredient or that ingredient might come from.
  5. Be as kind as it is possible to be. Above all, we want our customers to be happy. Surprise them. Delight them. If we are good to the world, the world will repay us in kind.

Our Method

We believe fragrances are portable works of art, that they have a meaningful impact on the way we experience the world. We strive to create perfumes that capture the fleeting loveliness of the moment a memory is born, to be replayed like a favourite catch of music every time you wear one.

Berceuse perfumes are rooted in a collaborative process between the perfumer and the creative directors. Here’s how it works:

  1. We maintain an internal list of pieces of music of all genres that have deep emotional resonance for us.
  2. The perfumer chooses the piece, and the music track then serves as the inspiration, also known as a brief. Once a perfumer has chosen a piece, it belongs to them and we remove it from the list.
  3. Each perfume will stand alone as a work of art. We don’t repeat ourselves artistically, so we work with each perfumer for a single fragrance only.

Kindly Delight