Our Story

I fell in love with perfume in 2013.

A friend introduced me to the vibrant, bustling perfume culture of San Francisco and I was immediately hooked. There was such variety, such artistry, such invention! I became fascinated with the history and art of fragrance, and dreamed of one day opening my own house. Six years later, I did.

Our Story

Berceuse Has Rules

1. The Perfume Must Smell Good. No exceptions. If it is not right, then start over.

2. Originality is Essential. We aim to do things differently and will never deliberately copy another fragrance.

3. Stay Humble. We strive to make artistic perfumes, but it's an unusual medium. We're happy to answer any questions and discuss anything that we do.

4. Be Honest with People. We don't want to overwhelm with marketing spectacle; what matters is what we create.

5. Be Kind. Above all, we want our customers to be happy. We aim to surprise and delight and we do our best to foster goodness in others.

Doing Good

A portion of our revenue goes to help children in need

The My Stuff Bags Foundation provides children rescued from severe abuse, neglect, homelessness, or abandonment with comforting toys, blankets, clothing, and other belongings in order to help them make the transition into stable, loving homes.

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