What Do We Say to Coronavirus? "Not Today."

To say that the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted life around the globe is to make a breathtaking understatement. Entire nations are being quarantined, either voluntarily or otherwise, in an effort to slow the spread of infection. It's undeniably scary.

For those of us who are working from home or are otherwise restricting our movements, there is also the challenge of what to DO in the course of social distancing. While it's particularly important for those with children who are now home from school, all of us could probably do with a guide on how to keep your head and your heart as we wait for the crisis to pass. That's what this article is for.

Over the past few days, an army of social media volunteers has submitted various links and resources for how to keep yourself occupied during the newly available downtime. I've collected many of the best ones, along with a few additions of my own, in order to provide a somewhat comprehensive list of resources. Most of the inclusions are free, but the few that aren't are worth their price tags, I promise. We're all in this together, so please feel free to add any new ones in the comments and I'll do my best to incorporate them into the list.

P.S. The pictures are here to break up the scenery and act as a calming backdrop, but are otherwise not really related to the list. I hope you enjoy them anyway.


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